Lay me to rest

in the bed of a river

my heaviness

will to sink to the dirt

my weight

displaces the earth

Fish pick me apart

my skin fades

my flesh a meal

my bones



I go farther

than I have ever been

once I stop being

that which is me

once my trappings



We call out

in unison

I am free

I am more alive

than I have ever been

because I am less me

more we

I am circuitry

in a motherboard

soldering on

through pained existence

glowing life

like stained glass

I was born from death

of cosmic size

I will die a birth

with global ties

I, we, you

are all infinite

this finitude

is but a step

along an eternal journey

of galactic burn out

and rebirth

the cycle continues

with out me

the wheel spins

regardless of attention

this fractal

doesn’t need my awareness

and that makes us free


Volatile Liquid

Percentages proposed by solution

Honest emotions in destitution

Replaced by bubbles in hazy mind

By my drinking, I’m defined

Chipping away all semblance of self

Replacing my sense of mental health

With false memory, half remembered dreams

My likeable self comes apart at the seams

And an ill man is left to pick up the pieces

from in between by broken brain’s creases

of what ass I was last night

and why I don’t feel alright

Same routine, so obviously boring

Drink to oblivion, pass out snoring

I’m not the tonic, I’m the gin

and I’m letting all the bad spirits in

Making you shake

Leave you in shock

Until you need

an urgent detox


He was a Pretty Hate Machine

be he ended up Broken

He mapped out his Downward Spiral

what made him The Fragile was spoken

He returned anew

now complete With Teeth

It was Year Zero

an era of self-belief

Yet, haunted by Ghosts

he was caught by The Slip

With Hesitation Marks on his skin

biting holes in his lip

But, This Is Not The Actual Events

It’s a recipe for silence

So he clutches at Nine Inch Nails

and now will Add Violence


No historic precedent

for this histrionic president

At least, not of this order

Wracking up this level of disorder

Or maybe there is

but we never noticed

That it was always performance

that politics IS showbiz

Cos there’s no business like it

no one I know

With actors, directors

the whole thing is a show

We think we assemble the cast

based off an old play from our past

A piece called ‘democracy’ from Greece

that critics raved ‘brings equality and peace’

But this events been defiled

adapted beyond recognition

The story has lost it’s form

has lost it’s mission

To empower the many

against the few

Now we’re locked in

and form an orderly queue

To see farce become tragedy

because we thought it comedy

The stage did collapse

Scottish play can’t match the stats

All stories need conflict

that much is true

We have the villains on show

The hero could be you


The dust settles in this twilight

our eyes strain over the horizon

It feels like we’re blinking in and out

Existing only when our eyes are open


The dying light makes your face glow

Your pupils shine out like headlights

Birds chase the sunset

to it’s terminus


The vacuum of darkness

destroys reality

Leaves us deconstructed

formless shadows


I speak, but have no mouth

I reach, but have no arms

I think, but have no mind

I move, but am nowhere


I am everywhere

I am everything

I have no fear

I have no anything


When I open my eyes

Reality floods my brain

and you are gone

Did I take you in?


Did I swallow you?

Did I digest you?

Are you a part of me?

Are we a system?


Or did you just open your eyes

to the sunrise

and sit, watching

waiting for me to see it?


I have form again

I move towards you

Hold you

breathe you in


The shadows are cast

we are solid

I am awake

I see you rise


Percussion rattles me

Behind my xylophone ribs

My arms swing

To the two step


My vocal chords

go out of key

Improvising a version

Covering me


My drums stick fingers roll

My pedal feet kick

I’m ensnared

behind crashing symbols


These string veins

vibrate in movements

Crescendos falling

on time’s signature


I try to compose myself

Put ink to the sheet

But I don’t know where to start

or what’s a suitable beat


So, I play an open string

and let the note drone

write a song with one note

a tone, all on it’s own



Smudged writing on the creases of my brain

Medulla Oblongata responds to the pain

Nervous system fidgets, shuffling in place

Restless legs kicking syndromes into space


Arms flail, neck snaps, shoulders tic-ing

Teeth grind, fingers crack, lips licking

Banking all these tells and all these glances

Holding in endorphins, submerging twitchy dances


Itching, scratching, bleeding behind my red eyes

Until I’m unconscious the movement never dies

But even then, it’s still a lot of work

As I awake with a start, what a hypnic jerk


So, I play an instrument, watch youtube or write

In an attempt to stop and fight

The constant need to move

avoid the shark swim groove


Always moving forward, never stop

Moving, moving, moving, moving until I drop

Yet, even when I die, I’ll not end up winning

Cos in my grave, I’ll probably end up spinning


Rotating like a Donner kebab in my spit grave

Strap disco lights to the headstone, post mortem rave

Connect an engine to me, for perpetual motion

and I’ll provide more energy than any fucking ocean


When I meditated, there was some improvement

But I’ve got no time for that, with all this constant movement

This story has no inspiring, final solution

Because I’m always spinning, I’m the human revolution