James Donnelly is a multi-platform content provider, Poet Laureate of his own bathtime and Film & TV Graduate.

He’s a martyr to his own cause, a digital shaman, Heirophant with a Hero Fantasy, General of his army of one and Reverend of his own Church. Erring on the transcendental side of things, with a dash of manic depression, his verse often concerns becoming a God and/or killing his ego. Figure that one out.

His life-long sordid affair with language, meaning and words led him to Mouth Pieces poets, of which he is the newest member. He is also the former Political editor of Kettle Magazine, a digital artist, cyberpunk blogrunner and a music producer under the moniker ‘Abbrev.‘. He wrote a book Enlightenmental Disorder‘ on a dare.

He’s a spooky magician from a universe not too dissimilar to this one, but where Prince is still alive and karaoke is mandatory.


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