Hey guys!

First off, let me thank you all for liking my work and following the blog! It’s really appreciated and keeps me pushing on!

Now, down to business. As you may have noticed, the URL for this blog doesn’t really say what this blog is or does. So, I’ve created a new blog for my poetry work, and I’ll be updating it with new and unpublished work over the next few weeks. It’d be grand if you could follow me over there!

Outside of the internets, I’m still working on my second book of poetry, Archetypical. At the moment, I’m trying to iron out a few design ideas with a great artist.

I’ve been mega-busy assisting with events in Lincoln like the WORD theatre  and The ATG Slam. But, over the Chrismas period I’ll have plenty of time to keep stuff updated and provide new content!

So, yeah. Thanks again guys. Pop over to the new blog if you feel like it and maybe put one of these in someone’s stocking 😀

Peace and Love,



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