Here comes

the white knight,

valiantly defending

my honour.


I must be defended

at all times.


From women,

demanding fair treatment.

From any legitimate grievance.

From any critique.


I don’t know how

I would have survived

without a HIMetically sealed

echo chamber.


One that takes any discussion

of female suffering

and reduces it

to semantic arguments…


about the term ‘men’.


It NEEDS a preface!

‘SOME men’!!

‘NOT ALL men’!!!

‘BAD men’!!!!


Because I might

take it personally!


God forbid

I look honestly

at myself,

at my brethren.



men aren’t perfect.


masculinity is a fucking joke.

At everyone’s expense.


women conversing doesn’t need a defence of men.


men don’t need it.


we could listen.


could not squeeze into a conversation and argue for men.


women have a fucking point.


‘men’ and ‘being a man’ is a fucking problem.


you don’t need that definition.


you could be a ‘person’.


Women are people.

All Women are people.


Not some.


Why would I

want to be a ‘man’?

When I could be

a person.


Turn your steed around

White Knight.

We don’t need

your kind of chivalry.


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