Lay me to rest

in the bed of a river

my heaviness

will to sink to the dirt

my weight

displaces the earth

Fish pick me apart

my skin fades

my flesh a meal

my bones



I go farther

than I have ever been

once I stop being

that which is me

once my trappings



We call out

in unison

I am free

I am more alive

than I have ever been

because I am less me

more we

I am circuitry

in a motherboard

soldering on

through pained existence

glowing life

like stained glass

I was born from death

of cosmic size

I will die a birth

with global ties

I, we, you

are all infinite

this finitude

is but a step

along an eternal journey

of galactic burn out

and rebirth

the cycle continues

with out me

the wheel spins

regardless of attention

this fractal

doesn’t need my awareness

and that makes us free


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