We’ve been told to turn away

from our gifts

We apply the tourniquet

to our souls

Life’s now a tournament.

What we were

torn and bent.

Stuck on repeat

broken record

We all get more

broke and poor

We’re all now

bored and paused

Awaiting orders

born a pawn.

Little more

than game pieces

No time for peace

in this piece of time

Can’t keep up with

the Team’s pace

we all race

to the tomb

Want to return

to the womb

we try to

honestly view the room

but we’ve had

our views skewed

by bullshit bluster

and fake fake fake news

we face views

old and new

false and true

about me and you

But, we’re all

being humans

trying to be

humane beings

in amongst

profane scenes

Living out

propane dreams


up our minds


of fractured mining

of past

and self

Left with

broken mental health


in a shared dream


to an isolated nightmare

we feel

the end of history


the unfurling mystery

We had the key to heaven’s door

traversing beams that used to be floor

what once was light is dark

we see and end, but not a start

The Gods in our heads

became scabs

Nothing machines

broken, dead sky dads

Decaying into hate

dreaming all the same


blood, fear, pain

I wish the lie would stop

the pig pen no longer cares

infecting sucking dry

kill you with their disease

copying their hurt

we die in silence

into the void

oblivion of silence

but the door is still here

if you look

readjust the narrative

and give a fuck

the other world

is bleeding through

it needs a vessel

that could be you

Be the God

your holy book needs

make sure you bite

the hand that feeds

liberate yourself

set your own standards

be your own deity

be your own master


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