5 years

“Where do you see yourself in the next five years?”

I’d like to still be alive, without fear.

Not asking for things to no longer be frightening

Just not have fear strike like lightning


I want to experience with the universe without shaking, anxious silence

I want to regard the world, as is, without self-blame or self-violence

Without abusing myself, to make up for a lack of control

To self-actualise, self-direct and decide my own role


To be defined by me and what I know I need

Not shaped by the wants of others, upon my soul they feed

To be the character of my own narrative

The protagonist, not extra or additive


I’d like to accept my Nihilism, and use it as a tool

Make the space to not give a fuck, embrace being a fool

Not let my life become tainted by shame

Stop being taken for a ride, played like a game


To be honest and authentic with everyone I meet

To not hide behind anxiety, it’s no mean feat


But, this is just a wishlist. Things will go as they will

Regardless of what happens, I’ll strive to kill

Things will change, as will I, in many ways

I’ll do my best, face what comes, still attempt to slay

Face all comers, dangers and possibilities

Which will test me, you, us all into infinity


I hope that we can face our flaws and stay true

cos what scares me the most, is a scared and frightened you




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