The dust settles in this twilight

our eyes strain over the horizon

It feels like we’re blinking in and out

Existing only when our eyes are open


The dying light makes your face glow

Your pupils shine out like headlights

Birds chase the sunset

to it’s terminus


The vacuum of darkness

destroys reality

Leaves us deconstructed

formless shadows


I speak, but have no mouth

I reach, but have no arms

I think, but have no mind

I move, but am nowhere


I am everywhere

I am everything

I have no fear

I have no anything


When I open my eyes

Reality floods my brain

and you are gone

Did I take you in?


Did I swallow you?

Did I digest you?

Are you a part of me?

Are we a system?


Or did you just open your eyes

to the sunrise

and sit, watching

waiting for me to see it?


I have form again

I move towards you

Hold you

breathe you in


The shadows are cast

we are solid

I am awake

I see you rise


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