Smudged writing on the creases of my brain

Medulla Oblongata responds to the pain

Nervous system fidgets, shuffling in place

Restless legs kicking syndromes into space


Arms flail, neck snaps, shoulders tic-ing

Teeth grind, fingers crack, lips licking

Banking all these tells and all these glances

Holding in endorphins, submerging twitchy dances


Itching, scratching, bleeding behind my red eyes

Until I’m unconscious the movement never dies

But even then, it’s still a lot of work

As I awake with a start, what a hypnic jerk


So, I play an instrument, watch youtube or write

In an attempt to stop and fight

The constant need to move

avoid the shark swim groove


Always moving forward, never stop

Moving, moving, moving, moving until I drop

Yet, even when I die, I’ll not end up winning

Cos in my grave, I’ll probably end up spinning


Rotating like a Donner kebab in my spit grave

Strap disco lights to the headstone, post mortem rave

Connect an engine to me, for perpetual motion

and I’ll provide more energy than any fucking ocean


When I meditated, there was some improvement

But I’ve got no time for that, with all this constant movement

This story has no inspiring, final solution

Because I’m always spinning, I’m the human revolution


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