In stating my opinion
I have been frank.
But, it holds little water
outside your think tank.

Unless the word is capitalised,
my opinion is null & token.
Unless I’m part of your group,
I’m not allowed to be outspoken.

Whilst fingers and thumbs
embed in many pies
embed in others events
embed in people’s eyes.

Sore subject to you,
about what is art.
The message was simple;
it’s what’s in the heart.

But, please twist my words.
They’re open for interpretation.
I clearly have ideas
way above my station.

Because I’m not allowed to say shit
without the need for censorship.

However, I will take heed
And use art however I need,
And fight against an ideology
that says I cant say what’s true for me.

What part of this list of damning things did you
find ringing so especially true?

I’m sorry that I SpokeOut of turn.
I’m still yet to learn
My new word order place.
I’m such an utter disgrace.

To poetry, to art, to the memory
of doing art for the sake of artistry.
So whilst you self anoint
I’ll thank you for totally proving my point.


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