Since I was 16 or 17 I’ve been writing poetry. For the most part it was catharsis. Some way to spill my bile without directly attacking anyone. As I got older, it became a way for me to be literary in a non-academic way. When I started ‘proper’ as a spoken word poet, it took on a different mantle. A way for me to express things a normal conversation can’t.

These 3 reviews let me know that I’ve succeeded in at least some of my goals when I started. To spread compassions, to bring occult/spiritual/magickal concepts to modern poetry, to combine simplicity with depth, and to honestly provoke thought.

So very chuffed with the way it’s been recieved and will set about editing the new anthology (over 200 pages!) once I’ve finished the bizarre genre-hopping novella I’m currently writing.

Thank you to all the followers, likers and readers who have stayed with this blog and given me consistent support. I hope I continue to create pieces that challenge and excite you.


Much Love,



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