I sup and empty my coffee cup,

slipping up into my empty coffin.

Searching my empty coffers.

Snorting with an emphatic cough.

Crying and laughing

at this financial joke.

Getting punched to the breadline.

I want out of the ring.

The bell goes,

the ball grows.

This bull grunts

at the gross bill.

I wither away,

like a dead flower,

firmly planting myself

in a nuclear bunker.

A bomb goes off,

my bank goes bust.

I’m left a bum.

I traverse the beam

of a broken roof.

This house

rings music

in my deaf ears.


Cells replaced

by money

of mammon.

That demon



in his dominion.

The name

of my gnome

is now


Nominal noumena,

no reality.

Just phenomena

and magical illusion.

A truckful of tricks

on this tracks trek.

The stars steer me

and stirs stories.


in the sewer

feeds the alligator


At dawn

the sun is down

under the dune

and the deed is done.


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