Poem for the Pessimist

The sky is falling down

The cave is on fire

The one’s make way for zeroes

The villains eat the heroes

It’s the end of the world

It’s the end of history

It’s the beginning of the end

It’s Armageddon, my friend

Proxy battles, concentration camps

Unscrupulous trading of arms

Who needs enemies, when you’ve got friends

Who will mutually assure our horrid ends

Our cycle of death grows

Our self interest explodes

Our sordid blindness multiplies

Our destruction we’ve deified

A new ice age is coming

An ice of 1’000 suns

A heat meets the frost

A world is entirely lost

We brought this on our own heads

We accepted fear and death

We say “Goodbye, we’ve got to go”

We pessimists will say “We told you so”

We’ve done this so many times

We’ve still not learned

We can’t save us with rhymes

We’ll leave this planet burned

We took rich folk at their word

We were surprised when they lied

We swallowed individualism

We allowed unity to die

But when we get obliterated

By our own stupid hand

Unity will be reinstated

As our ashes feed the land

When the universe

has made it’s reproach

The vermin will die away

and make room for the roach

God forbid we make a change

Depose the kings who are wholly deranged

But that would require fortitude, some testis

In a world where we solve problems with Pepsi

They call them a death cult, rank hypocrisy

They walk us into annihilation, can’t you see?

Blind gods leading the blind

Chinese finger trap, souls in a bind

We pray lip service to holy money

Ignoring the land of milk and honey

We’re all fucked, we’re totally screwed

Complicit in things we knew untrue

We fell into easy binaries

There’s only ‘them’ or ‘me’

We all evolved together

On this blue and green earth

a place we’ve accredited

very little worth

So when it comes,

that tolling bell

I’ll be dancing

and singing

“Thank God.

This place is hell”

And I won’t stop singing or dancing

Until the end, that is nigh

and when the light comes on

I’ll let out a contented sigh

As my body & soul

become a shadow on a wall

The roaches will tell their children

of humankind’s fall

And the children will say

“Why did they do this?”

“Because, my boy.

They didn’t know they were clueless.”


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