None the wiser

My dreams instil a certitude of emotion

that my memory cannot keep pace with.

My recall of psychological effects is full,

but the play-by-play of unconscious events

is lax.

I’m left with half-remembered aspects,

fully remaining feelings,

distressing states of threat,

annoying looping causalities.

Very little facts

Is the purpose of these dreams

to make me feel morose?

Or is it all a test

to see how well I can ignore

what I emote?

Or is my emotional frustration,

and feeling-based clarity,

because I can’t remember the dream

and can’t recall perfectly?

Failed to learn by rote.

I remember being chased

by the clown Pennywise, from ‘It’.

But he was driving a steamroller,

a murder weapon that’s quite shit.

I kept waking up, due to irritation.

It kept looping round, dream constipation.

So perhaps the reason I’m so irritable

is because the dream was stupid.


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