I’m left feeling destructive.

Destroy all things exclusive.

Blow them wide open.

Leave wakes of destruction.

It gets pushed inside.

The bomb goes off, I died,

and a body full of death

grips your hand instead.

The flesh is hot to touch.

Like it’s a living thing.

Don’t press into too much.

Cos I’ll bite and sting.

I wouldn’t destroy you,

So I killed me

and now the monster inside

is totally free.

and you coaxed it out

through the wound in my back.

It’ll scream and shout

You can’t put it back.

Unleashed in my death throes

The beast had rose.

The mark has been made.

It is here to stay,

and you did it,

you brought it here.

All the bullshit,

brings on the fear

and it chews it up.

Uses it as fuel.

Couldn’t shut you up.

You became it’s tool.

You did this.

Round of applause.

You unleashed the demon

for your holy cause.

Pat on the back.

You can’t put it back.

It won’t go back.

My soul turns black.

It’s face burns through my skin.

Mine becomes replaced.

I can’t keep it in, this sin.

Eats you whole for the taste.


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