Be leaf

I believe that lyricism

can be a form of mysticism.

That I can be a stanza shaman

 a metaphorical medicine man.

Through illusions I wash away scars,

an allusion to Ayahuasca.

Alliterate all avenues,

allowing angsty agile assonance.

and I will angrily ass dance

Get t’werk on the graves of empiricists.

They won’t mind

I’mma make apples fly.

The airbone porcine

will soar from sty.

But don’t ask how.

Ask why.

To show that the impossible

is merely improbable,

and probability

is a sliding scale.

Falling from your eyes

weigh up injustice

and you’ll see

you’ve been blind.

In a bind

roped up

doped up

taped up

scraped up

from the floor.

What for?

To walk through the door.


of perception,

instilled by repetition.

Hanging by rote,

intuition smote,

envious smoke,

green gilled

and lily livered.

This new prayer will be delivered

full of idiosyncracy,

with no diplomacy,

no democracy.

I’m the emperor of this mic

for minutes thrice

and I’m naked

and I know it.

I don’t need new clothes

I just need to show

there’s no need to be slow

no need to carefully plod

and pray to god

or make sense

of what you implicate

and instead flow

and free associate.

We’ve got a mind full of connections.

We’ve got a mind making selections.

Meaningful erections,

meaningless elections,

mean spirited rejections,

me centred ejections.

What ever you say this is about

is exactly what this is about.

I’m laying the map of the mind out

and it’s up to you to the find the way out.

Maybe there is no exit.

Maybe there is no egress.

But don’t shy away

don’t regress.

Keep pushing up the mount.

Keep it up, don’t count

yourself out.

Let it sprout

from your mind & mouth

for a piece of peace.

Don’t just tease.

Don’t say please

and ask

from behind a mask

and take your own God to task.

Mohammed, Krishna, Shiva

The Aeons, the Demiurge

Buddha, Jesus, Zarathustra

God, Gold, Satan,

Silver, copper money

and Mammon.

To all the Gods

and all the Demons

Love you, Fuck you!

Forever and ever Amen.


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