This association

I’m cerebrally appalled.

We all know apples will fall.

Gravity pulls them down.

Grabbing onto rocky ground.

The church has broke the mount.

The self sanctified

making a marytr

and refusing to canonise.

Choosing to capitalise

and proselytise.

The prophet’s lost.

Boy oh boy.

Panic sets in.


Demon’s been summoned

to court sessions.

Caught in the acting

of a tragedy.

A comedy of

error messages

in bottles.

Been bottlenecked

and Jack knifing.

Smelling the blood

of English men.

Mad dogs bark in the sun,

trees turn leaves for fun.

Home is where the heart is

not for the heartless.

Now the hearth has less.

Rub your hands together,

start a fire,

the great frost meets the heat.

Tigers blend in with the wheat,

flaky and corny.

Cake eating forlornly,

The emergin Marie

has no Curie.

We’ve been atomised.

Worlds destroyed,

words deployed.

Like guided missiles.

Fired by misguided intuition.

We’ve locked on.

Don’t need your permission,

to press the button.

This is def a con.

A ruse goldberg machine,

made by the rude.

With face of red

and hand of blood.


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