Complex godess

Wreck the privelige

of my recent private life.

Throwing water

on my walls of fire.

You waterboard

The motherboard

The mother

You got bored of.

Drowning her in waste

leaving a bitter taste.

Hacking and roaming

Hacky sacking Rome.

Information Starvation

Identity Emancipation

& Idealist emaciation

No ideas above her station

I thought of trains

In my train of thought

Derailing who she was

Dismembering who she was.

The hood of my neighbour

is white, male, tense

white picket fence.

Wilson Picket says


Nah, Nah, Nah

Nah, Nah, Nah

Nah Nah



Nah Nah

Nah nah nah

This martyr’s ruthless

Your matron’s toothless

Matriarchy Truthless

Knocked out by abusive men.

Using Boolean logic

I say boo

to the

goose step

I say no

to the

Capital two step.

No securing the defense of terror

Cutting out the message of error.

The chain mail

That linked us

is no longer


Need a reset

like Lazarus.

In the pit with the demons head

In these demon days ahead

Demon’s eyes


The gorillas

are not missed.

That song 2 sing 2

has become a blur.

the singed tool

of a burning sage.

No magic

just a burned page.


made switches

and discuss swatches

of carpet

for comfort

in the crown fort.

so scan

the scam

and the spam

the fake meat

giving you fake news

taken at face value

leaves you with

a fake view.

Blow the whistle

Test the grey matter.

That parable

by that pharisee

is a fallacy.

Freud would see a phallus.

You won’t get

Jung Blood.

The Godess is the martyr you made

The Godess the sacrifical lamb.

When you make God’s of men

You make men of God’s

and deify

our destruction.


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