Say my Piece

Pain is a part of life.

Change is a part of life.

Standing on your feet

and steeling through the strife.

Learning to let go.

Learning to go with the flow.

Learning to recognise ego.

Learning to stop the show.

Keeping things the same

Will drive you insane.


Is masturbation.

No threat

No facing fear

Makes you wet

behind the ear

Assuming roles

Takes its toll

Not asking why

A relationship dies

Holding emotions hostage

Holding emotional baggage

Only lending one ear

Other side not yours to hear

You tell yourself a tale

To refuse that you could fail

Blame it on the other

Hide and take cover

Protecting your core

But what for?

It’s meant to be shared

We’re meant to care

To attempt to understand

Not to do things underhand

But I’m an appalling idealist at times

and write out my feelings in appalling rhymes

It’s a shame

that fingers

are so easily pointed

I’m not angry,

any more,

just disappointed.

One last thing, let’s be clear

A lit fuse can take over a year.

When people cover it in oil

The Garden of Eden gets left to spoil.

I won’t name names, I won’t point fingers

But there are coup leaders and emotional (w)ringers

When you place blame on those who help

The only the person you damage is yourself


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