I’m cutting nooselike ties that cling,

This is windsor (k)not the way to do things.

You’ve got your view all royally fucked

but there’s a New Royal in town, cluck cluck cuck.

Chicken littles, I’ll let you eat your cake

and sup your coffee.

You can wank each other off

at your lame little committee.

I’m burning like a comet,

I’m rocking round the clock.

You’re shit

outta luck.

This cloverfield

has to (4) leave,

you better believe

the show’s over.

Take a bow

and take off.

The great shitty shake off

whilst they flake out.

Crusty crustaceans

always walking sideways,

a waking sleep walk,

a nightmare sheepwalk.

This shepard’s flock

gives you flack.

It’s worse than smack

being a power junkie.

Type writer monkey

depressing keys.

Doesn’t impress me

you’re testing me.

Talking testis.

Like tetris,

I’ll block the shit out of you

and the crock

that you spew.

Scatting, not like jazz though

there’s no improv flow.

It’s a no go,

a no show.

So fast at first

but now so slow.

Taking your time

and taking the piss

I don’t have

the time for this.

See you later

maybe never.

Maybe when it’s fairer weather

It’s kinda like the end of Batman Forever.

When too many coins

confuse Two-Face.

I’m coining new phrases,

whilst you mint old faces.

Undead mouths,

let them rest in pieces.


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