altered state

I put myself in an altered state

of Union

in a new order

Turning leaves of


and disorder.

Chlorophyll shows

you’re filled with envy

Chlomoform yourself

to black out what you don’t wanna see

Windows darkened

to prevent a truth bomb

Nuking your ships

doesn’t leave muchroom

Packed in tight like sardines

with tinnitus, in tins

My destination

avoids character assassination

of my character

this avatar

killed and replaced with a version

an inversion

based on assertions

of desertions

You’ve slept on the script

and it’s been flipped

like a book and it’s chapter

adapated by a 2 bit actor

Who acts out this scene

which has already been seen

on the original screen

shut up the scream queen

Munch housing by proxy

but this proxy’s poxy

asking like a Pixie

Where is my mind

you’ll never find

you can’t rewind

so at least be kind

not kinda decent

not kinda okay

cut out these games

that you play

the same

we can’t all stay


turned to stone

This body has not got a  heart

you beaten out all the fucking art

This rhythm is

crashing like a cymbal

an it’s become

a massive symbol

of simple, sinful

snoring syntax

whilst we’re using

1000 lb’s of semtex

to melt steel beams

and make the tower

fall clean


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