Dream: Mind Palace

As I close the doors

of my mind palace behind me,

I entered

a luxurious foyer.

A semi-circular, gilded, stairway

leads up

to double doors

on the first floor.

The steps are made of marble,

a large candlebra

hangs from the ceiling,

and set underneath

the staircase

are two more double doors.

In the center of the foyer floor

is a large mural,

of corvine birds

perched on branches.

Pushing open the double doors

on the ground floor,

I am greeted by a pitch blackness

and a drop.

A neon sign

flickers on and off above my head.

It reads

‘the void’.

I switch on a light

and a resplendent movie theatre is shown,

fully furnished

with gold-trimmed red seats.

I sit down in the center

seats of this cinema

and see myself

on the screen.

Going through the upper double doors,

I am greeted

by a large library.

It has ladders to several floors.

It is full of ornate books on alchemy,


the occult

and religious iconography.

It has many doors,

all different in colour,


and physical make up.

One door is lost

behind a bank of sand.

The library has an immense stained

glass window,

it features a large dragon

atop a rock.

I walk through a doorway,

into one of the rooms

on the right,

and it is a long,

many stalled bathroom.

It has a distinct

Art Deco style.

It is entirely green.

At the far end,

is another door.

I walk through

into a extending corridor.

It appears to be

either a hotel

or a tenement building.

I open several doors,

and strange,

minimalist scenes

greet me.

One contains

an old chest,

covered in locks

and chains.

It shifts dramatically

about the room.

The next contains

large strings

of pale flesh,

which waft about the room.

When one makes a beeline for me,

I close the door.

The last features

a heavy set man,

who stares out

of Venetian blinds.

He is shaded

by the light

from the window

He notices my presence,

turns his head slightly

and then pulls the blinds shut.

I apologise silently

and close the door behind me.

I find a fire exit

and walk into a room

which is filled with bridges.

As I move along the bridge,

the others come to a head

and meet the one

I’m walking on,

creating a concourse.

I stay true

and walk onwards.

The next room

is on an axis

and tilts

as I walk through it,

it is bright orange

and perfectly cuboid.

The next room

is made out of a fine hair,

which holds onto my feet

like velcro.

There is a door

on the far side

of the ceiling,

I walk up the walls

and exit

into a freefall.

I fall calmly

in total darkness,

until a light appears,


I swim towards it

and slide

into an icy cavern

and straight out,

back into the Library.

There sits

on the table

before me

a large red book.


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