Dream: Golden Steps

I scaled a lush, green mountain.

Golden, slivers of steps

helped push me,

gently buoyant under my feet.

When I reached the apex,

I was greeted

by the sight of a pure gold,

open plan building.

It was an observatory,

with a large telescope

at the far end.

The room was decorated

with vined plants,


and juicy.

I moved towards the telescope

and looked across the sky,

only to see a shooting star,

red and quick.

I changed the settings

on the telescope

and realised it was in fact

a red peacock feather,

hurtling through the air.

I traced it’s trajectory

with the scope,

following it

towards a large castle,

also atop a mount.

It hurtled through

the raised courtyard

and embedded itself

in the heart of the King.

He flew back

and was knocked outside

the castle walls.

I pulled a lever

above my head,

and the steps

on the side of the mountain

flew around

and attached to the observatory.

It had become like

a large golden scarab,

each step

an element of the wing.

It raised from the mountain

and sped towards the castle.

It landed nearby

and I ran out.

I grabbed two of the steps,

forming one into a shield,

the other into a scimitar

and headed to the king.

I held his hand as he died.

I then pulled the feather

from his chest

and the King’s corpse


into a large, red peacock.

This peacock sprang to life,

his plumage coursing with fiery, red hues.

It was no peacock,

it was a phoenix.

He rubbed against me,

cried a tear into my hand

and flew off.

This tear soaked into my skin

and left me rejuvenated

feeling younger.

I meshed my golden weapon

and shield together

to make a helmet,

placed it on myself

and clambered back

into my flying observatory.

This time

it took the shape of the phoenix

and flew in the same direction.


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