Myth Place

I used to believe
that sharks couldn’t swim backwards
But google tells me that’s just a myth

But since we always retrieve
messages from myths to push forwards
Should I even give a shit?

Maybe my beliefs were mythplaced
Maybe my myths were mistakes
Maybe I should raise the stakes

and kill the vampires

breaking heart
feeling hurt
feeling curt
a fleaing cur

I wipe the spit you launched in my face
Lap it off my hand and comment on the taste
acidic, bitter, malicious,
I combine it with my own phlegm
to create an antidote
something sweeter, delicious

Golden Venom, a shark tooth necklace
I’ll swim in whatever direction I please
I don’t care if it’s reckless

cos I’m taking on herculean tasks
playing all the parts in your play
wearing all the masks

I’ve got promethean fire in my gut
and I won’t share it with you, vulture
cos I’m a mythbusting, ghostwriting, sexicon/lexicon slut

Maybe I’m self-mythologising
to protect from your devils
Maybe I’m casting myself
against your empire, a rebel

I get to write my story, I get to right the end
dot dot dot, are you a friend
Question Mark?

I have creative control
over what’s the ending
and what’s the start

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