This mushroom amongst us

This most magical of fungus

Has always been on the VW love bus

Spelling with it’s precipitation

Rains of anticipation

to make a drop, a sea, an ocean

As it falls from grace

landing on earth’s face

Leaving space

For the spice

for freemen

become a psychological vegan

Making sustinence of word

To avoid murder, and war

We know what it’s good for

For money, for greed

For which we bleed

Plant a new seed

Stop hiding behind pieces of wood

Carving down trees to shed blood

It’d be good, if we could and we should

Where will it all end?

With our other funghi friend?

On whom gross money we spend

Dropped through the air

In nuclear war, all is fair

There’ll be no heir

When that nuclear fall out

From the bunkered call out

Silences the last shout

Wrong shroom we’re fed

Lands on our head

and we’ll all be dead

Choose wisely.


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