mealy mouthed

I bite my tongue so often,

it’s becoming a staple meal

because I don’t feel comfortable

talking about how people make me feel

I can’t tell how long these feels will last,

or if they’re even real

so instead of unclamping teeth from tongue,

my self and jaw I steel

I try to mete it out,

in prose, verse and rhymes

buy my angry, upset, betrayed mind

usurps my zen shit from time to time

because I never speak this shit

to the people that it’s aimed at

so it sits on blogs and hard drives,

never to be looked at

and instead I let it fester

inside my laptop and my brain

letting all my inner shit make me ill

and cause me psychic pain

and in the end I just wanna

shotgun blast my facebook wall

and upset as many people as possible,

simply stating ‘fuck you all’

but I can’t,

cos I don’t really mean any of it

I’m just het up, upset and fed up

of all the petty bullshit

of all the lines being drawn

of words being sworn

of feeling layers of scorn

every eve and every morn

some people are shitty

and it’s a pity

but being a cunt as well won’t help

so I’ll keep it all to myself

and vent, when I can to my girl and in verse

I don’t have to shoulder the world and universe

I’m a beast of burden, in many ways

but that’s not a role I have to fill, always


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