I cut my cock off with a shard of a mirror
to spite my own race.
I quarter my head with cheese wire,
and all my sinuses spill out of my face.

I lovecraft my arms into blunt objects
to pummel sense and sensibilities into the ground.
I carve a hole in my chest with a cookie cutter
in place of my heart, I shove in offal that I found

I immolate myself
to protest my lack of humanity.
I grate my adam’s apple into a dust.
Eve snorts it happily

High on testosterone, she makes me submit,
my body her porcelain throne.
I dive into an ocean of lava, legs sewn together,
singing hallelujah, in a dulcet tone

My (dis)member sits proud
as the magma takes me into itself,
sitting on a pedestal of holy shit,
built by the godess Kali herself


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