From the first stone
Pointed at one end
Used to kill
A furry friend

To fire, the wheel,
Clothes, beds,

We’ve all evolved,
and due to,

Take away
Our airs and graces,
Delete science,
All reason’s traces,

And we’re animals
With simple needs
And simple goals

No nihilism,
Self doubt
Or solipsistic holes

Without technology
That made us grow
Without our creative
destruction flow

No world wide web
No telephones
No paper money
No wonga loans

We invent
And use technology
To facilitate
A world we want to see

There’s no escape
From our inventions
We’ve come too far
In our comprehensions

But the most abused tool
The unflushable turd
The tech we misuse most
Is the spoken word

Words are our prime tool
They make a king and a fool

Before you decry
Facebook, Twitter
YouTube or reddit

Remember none of it existed
Until somebody
Said it



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