Unsaid things, don’t escape

put down the phone

buried these words deep

like dinosaur bones

pain caused

is externalised

pain felt

is internalised

choices are made

based on rage

forks in the road

and knives in the back

The paths chosen,

shape our attack

We deny the world

knowledge of us

Don’t talk,

don’t mention it,

it’s taboo

an indelible mark

on your psyche

like a tattoo

Admit your sin

accept your hell

decry the heaven

from which you fell

Forgive yourself

be your own saint

tabula rasa

a fresh, clean slate

Nothing is innate

there is no destiny

only things taught

nurtured since infancy

We murder

those we leave behind

We rape

those we exploit

We cannibalise

our love

We kill ourselves

by giving up

Banned things


Ideas kept in

thoughts hidden

The hierarchies

we assume can

make others

less than human

no serving in heaven

on our level

it’s much better

to reign in hell


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