“Darkness (Standing in Jung’s Shadow)”

There is a part of you that is refused
An unconscious darkness, infused
A non-ego,
rejected and ignored

We carry our shadow inside
The less we acknowledge, the more we hide
the darker it gets,
the denser it gets

Your own complex inferiority
becomes another’s deficiency
A projection,
a veil of illusion

This primitive,
irrational archetype
this childish,
repressed stereotype

Is where dreams
and visions live

The blackness
is the spark,
the seat of creativity,
in the dark

when faced,
sheds light

A shadow of me
A shadow of society
A shadow of you

This desiring, intentional thing
with it’s knowing, animal grin
works unseen,

change with,
the dark thing
in the your depth

Integrate this darkness
into your life

being possessed by shadows
means always standing in your own light


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