I’m questing and searching

for a way to heal the tribe

In a way that’s something more

than a witty diatribe

reproduce the trippy shit

that’s inside of my head

wear my brain on the outside

and give other people the good shit instead

cos I’ve got ways of coping with this

I know how not to make every track a diss

I know how to keep afloat, not take the piss

Show the folks at home what it is

floating in a wave from another dimension

lying on your back ignoring apprehension

letting your inner child out of detention

and infecting minds with intuitive conception

Keep it on the fly, keep in on the wing

like stevie said dontcha worry bout a thing

cos fear is the mind killer like Frank Herbert said

and there’s nothing worse than a mind that’s dead

I’m looking

and tryna find

another piece

o’ mind

you got to go out of your head

to ever live before your dead

take a little hit, take a little trip

pull yourself away from the reality drip

take a sip of soma soma this

take a dip in allah allah this

feel the universe collide with you

feel the nothingness inside of you

acid trip hop in a cranial space

take you all along to the other place

have a little taste, throw it on your face

give out all your gifts to the human race


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