As you grow, in a physical sense,

your perspective changes

You see more dimensions

Your world rearranges

As a babe, you crawl on the floor

As a toddler you’re upright much more

As a teen you discover the top of the shelf

As an adult you see the world of the self

When you grow inward

When you curl inside you

Cos you’ve grown too tall

For those around you

Your perspective changes

You see the world, and all the rest

through the lens of your heart

Through the eyes of your chest

You become sensitive

Because never

are the world and you

not seen together

These glasses tainted by ‘me’

Cause a lot of pain

As you have to go

inside yourself to see

Others don’t see

the world in your light

They don’t see you’re ingrown

‘you were born like that right?’

I grew inside myself

I stooped and drooped in defeat

I stared at the ground

and watched my own feet

I’m trying to grow, still

But I need to burst through

Flower through me

and grow towards you


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