Get out your mind

place it in front of you

Place it in your grasp

Place it in your view

Relate to your brain

as an object

in space a

and work on it

Thoughts are sounds

that only we can hear

Sounds of joy,

sounds of hope and fear

We can block it out

Ignore in totality

Or embrace the noise

listen to the whole symphony

If we regard this sound as a doing

And also a thing that happens

We can spot and circumvent

Some cyclical patterns

Like you can correct you breath

You can treat your brain death

We breathe, as a verb,

yet it happens anyway

We breathe without thinking

for most of the day

We can change things

Our thoughts at least

for the better

Don’t spend your days

In guilt and shame

a solipsistic regretter

I believe in you

if you can believe me

I believe we can be true

I believe we can be free.

At least in this moment.

At least for right now.

Which is good.

that’s all there is anyhow.

I make it sound simple

Like some kind of zen jerk

It does takes some effort

but it’s worth the work

I’m not perfect at this

I struggle day and night

But if we’re going to attempt to stand

We may as well attempt to fight


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