Power Trip

We’re being isolated

and alienated

from one another,

on both sides.

We’re being placed

in rhetorical

and psychological



and shielded

from one another

and our stories.

Which is a perfect way

to be propagandised.

Public Opinion

has always been something

deemed to be guided

and augmented

by those

who ‘represent’ us.

From politicians

to journalists,

they shape our mindsets

to provide backup

for the things they want.

This is what Media driven Politics

is great for,

                                                                  shaping public opinion.

The public rarely do it.

We learn from


Sky News,

The BBC,


Meme Pages,


the Daily Mail

and Twitter.

Rarely do we learn politics

from direct experience.

Remember that time an asian lad held the door open for you and smiled?

Remember when the business you worked for, not the immigrant worker, fired you?

Remember when the corrupt banking system fucked us over and was protected by politicians on all sides?

Remember that.

Not the same protests

made by rich twats

in suits

with vested interests

in keeping us divided,


and ignorant.

Fear is what binds us

in inaction,

what creates hate.

Fear is the principle tool

of manipulation by the frightened.

Namely, those frightened of losing grip

on power,

which they believe is theirs

and only theirs.


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