The light blinds me in to a form of photosynthesis

The light binds me in to a new form, chrysalis

The light finds me in the middle of metamorphosis

The light meets the darkness inside me, synthesis

I’ve become the modern pissed-up Dionysus

I’ve defeated the bull inside, like Theseus

I smile behind the rock, like Sisyphus

and real humble, like Jesus was

I try to focus on balance, like Yin Yang

I try to let things happen, like Wu Wei

I try not to see it as flim flam

I try to believe where there’s a will there’s a way

Everything is temporary

Everything is transient

Everything will be gone away

Everything becomes non-existent

What, then, is the point?

Who, then, do we anoint?

To take the reins, not someone too mean

Not too emotional, but not a machine

When we were kids we were free

Then by the systems we’re caught

We’re told what things we should see

Of other people’s views we are taught

From the womb

To the tomb

We can’t help but connect

We can’t help but infect

The open wound

Opened up too soon

So, try to soothe

Get into a groove

of outward and inward love

of outward and inward help

Give your self a little shove

Let the hard callous outside melt

We all die

We all live

We all cry

We all give

We all show

We all sow

We all grow

So, let go

Press Stop

Press Start

Place the Needle

on the record of your Heart


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