Guns on streets

There will be guns on our streets
Armed police for meet and greets
Despite no ‘immediate threat’
A new, low bar has been set

One that risks escalation
Or wrongful execution
Fear cloaked as reassurance
By fallible uniformed humans

I’m not reassured or comforted , sorry
Would these guns have stopped that lorry?
The MP, Jo Cox was shot,
the ambassadors assassin was an armed cop

Guns are not a solution
They are a problem
What precedent is set?
To feel safe we need a gun?

Will they have their trigger fingers ready
When the Muslim family shuffles scared and unsteady?
Ignoring the extremism that is home bred
And parades through the town unimpaired instead.

Tommy Mair thought he was protecting
The people against a threat
Normalizing guns on the street
Is a choice we’ll regret

I’ve heard the story of guns on the street
From The troubles in Ireland, families had to retreat.
Bloody Sunday, battle of bogside
Guns on the street, people died.

Never mind that Brazilian
Mistaken for a foreign nemesis
Shot by cops for a backpack
Remember Jean Charles De Menezes?


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