Anti Nomos

Experiences in life

can make you jaded

Escapes from life

can leave you faded

But you’re still here folks

you survived, you made it

The wave of dragons

you’ve slayed it

Try to solve

machinations internal

Try to extinguish

fires infernal

Through thoughtful exercise

you can turn all

The black holes up here

into a wormhole

Recalibrate constantly

try to keep in tune

Recalibrate ideas

vomit that which is fed by spoon

Place the card,

read the Rune

Don’t assume

it’s all doom and gloom

When it feels like

you’re forced to swallow a sword

When it feels like

you can no longer afford

To live life

without crossing a fjord

Don’t let cost

leave life unexplored

Don’t always

retreat inside

Don’t repeatedly

run and hide

Don’t let fear

become intensified

Don’t let you

be classified

It feels like

there are no more heroes

It feels like

there are just ones and zeroes

It feels like

there are just say no’s

It’s more like

the river still flows

As above,

so below


and Undertow

Shift gears,

take it slow

You don’t have to put on

another show

Another Mask, Another Act

intellectual cataract

Allow yourself to interact

reintroduce the things you’ve lacked

When you feel inspiration running thin

forgive yourself of your sin

Then you can begin

to play the game to win

Get away from your ‘self’

for your own mental health

for some social wealth

You don’t need a mechanical elf

There’s DMT

inside your head

Released automatically

just before you’re dead

When you’re tripping

on things left unsaid

Hallucinating coulda-shoulda

-woulda-been’s instead

Grab your life with two hands

make proper stands

A-gainst the sands

pouring from time’s hands

With no time

there’s no more to fear

All is possible

in the now and here

Whilst the drop

may appear


and severe

Make one resolution

Total revolution

Create your own institution

with your own elocution

Be both

Happy and Sad

Be both

Good and Bad

Be both

Lame and Rad

Be both

Forever and Fad


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