…A whimper

Sometimes, I become acutely aware

of my own indulgence.

Of my own intertia.

My own wilful apathy.

I blame my surroundings,

My upbringing,

The State,


But I am the one who makes the choices.

I can declare the limits that abound them,

but if I refuse to look beyond

or properly consider them,

what’s the point?

That would make me a pious hypocrite.

The very thing I believe myself to be ‘railing against’.

Is my entire pratice of ‘calling out bullshit’

just deflection from my own egotism?

Am I merely going through the motions

of post-childhood rebellion?

Is this a quarter-life crisis?

Is this growing up?

Knowing everything is topsy-turvy,

but doing as little as possible?

Because I don’t trust everyone else,

not to totally fuck it up on a massive scale?

I mean,

the human race,

has a terrible track record.

We fuck everything up.

This mindset terrifies the humanist in me.

But he’s a idealist fool anyway.

And, idealism seems tainted.

Sullied by career politicians.

Is all idealism for personal gain?

Is all politics?

Is all philosophy?

Is all art?

I grow weary

of the spectacle of humanity.

Which is all it seems to be.

A 2-dimensional performance.

A big cluster fuck facade.

covering something that used to be life.

But is now just mechanical

A reproductive process.

A big psychological Ford Factory.

Pumping out mindset mannequins.

Including me.

I’m part of a generation

that chased post-modernity

Into our own psyches.

The result of which

is Post-Truth

is Post-Fact

is Post-Human

Some contorted mash up of






Philip K Dick

Oppression, dominance

Irreality and corporatism

For consumer freedoms

we all signed up for.

Where do we go?

Where can we go?

This was our last refuge.

We thought CCTV was bad.

There’s only so much info

a grainy image can show

We let Zuckerberg into our heads

To share videos of Pandas

When the Dolphins take over the earth

They teach their children of the Fall of Man

“This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang

But with Haramabe”


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