Electile Dysfunction

We must not feel defeated

History must not be repeated

We cannot just cling to hope

We cannot just load up on dope

We mustn’t let this be the end

Darkness isn’t our only friend

We must stand and we must fight

Take a leap of faith into the light

We must continue to say FUCK NO

We must say ‘I don’t fucking think so’

We must not let

this poisoned river flow

This isn’t the result

this the start

This isn’t the end

We feel in our heart

Our words and thoughts

Were rode by a demon

Lets ride their power

and become free men

Use the anger

redirect it

Use their power

shape and deflect it

To the important things

like sharing the wealth

standing up for each other

Thinking beyond the self

The established order

has been rocked

Millions of people

have ran and flocked

to men who say

they’re against it

even though

they’re a part of it

But they are elected

to listen to us

Let’s smash in the doors

and hijack the bus


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