Beans talk

This magic little bean,

that makes me feel lean,

like a productivity machine.

Is destined to run out of steam.

So, in the short period of my life,

In which the caffeine buzz is rife,

I swim past all the strife

and cut through bullshit like a knife

Holy shit, my limbs are shaking.

The entire world looks like it’s quaking.

From this cup from which I’m still taking.

My inertia peeling and flaking.

My heart rate goes twice fast.

The manic threshold I have passed.

Substantial energy I have amassed.

But how long will this high last?

30 minutes or a pretty hour?

How long can I rein in the power,

of this hyper-caffeinated shower,

before it leaves me bitter and sour?

I’ll write a poem, that’s what I’ll do.

As I’ve done here, read by you.

I’ve run out of words to give to you.

Yabba dabba dabba scooby dooby do


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