Dam it

I like to build big dams
Inside of my brain
But the water bursts through
So I build them again

The torrent of water
Can only be held so long
Before it floods into my mind
And I start to go wrong

I flounder
and I faulter
‘cos the water in my brain
don’t flow like it oughta’

It travels downstream
Towards civilisation
And I’m left reeling
in realisation

of mass destruction
of my own construction

I can build a dam
4 thousand feet high
But still this Tsunami
spills from the eye

I can build all the dams I want
The flood will always recur
This cycle will repeat
Of that much I’m sure

Maybe I should build a bridge
Between you and me
Over this River Styx

With the wood of the dams
I was going to build
We can play Pooh-Sticks


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