The artist and the anxious person both bite off more than they can chew.

They both chew on the scenery of reality and swallow it whole.

Where they differ is that the artist produces a technicolour vomitus.

They spray the world back at itself with flair and panache.

Creativity and madness are two words for the same thing.

The latter is internalised and poisons the soul

The former is externalised and shapes it.

To use your head, you’ve got to go out of your mind.

Sometimes we have to go to the ends of the earth

and sail straight off the edge

To find the alien landscapes

That the uncomfort zone holds within

The other realms

of possibility

The experimentation of imagination

Is a dangerous and perilous journey.

The poet and the madman both traverse the same waters

But the poet brings something back

Souvenirs for others to marvel over

This requires bravery, a deep breath

We are the travellers of worlds in words

This is perilous journey

Just remember that what may appear to be a wall

Is in fact a door.

What may feel to be despair or hardship

Are just growing pains,


Emergence from the chrysalis.



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