I’m becoming translucent

Through my invisible skin

Seeing all the bones, veins ‘n’ capilliaries

all held within

I’m becoming a non-entity

I am the void

screaming for an identity

But left Devoid

I’ve gone



As I feared

A magic puppet

defying gravity

This small little dot

floating away from clarity

A miniscule atom

an insignificant idea

This character

Background actor

In 2 dimensions

Just an extra

An unsupporting character

A ghost from the veil

The door way to hades

is me, I am my own Hell

I am my own Devil

I am my own God, yeah

But because I damn myself

I’m everyone elses saviour

I’ll be the angel on your shoulder

cos I’ve got one around

Cos it’s angels and devils

All the way down

And it skims past our eyes

Like a zoetrope

But in that rapid moving image

You can find hope

Even for this blurry image of a man

Out of focus and unfocussed

Even this absent minded fool

Isn’t absolutely hopeless

Cos in my head

with the existential dread

and the

psychological living dead

the emotional vampire

the depressed zombie

the manic werewolf

and the solipsistic lunatic

Up here there is hope

and maybe I’m a dope

But life without it is

like sundays without a joint,

or like like a pen with no nib

There’s no point.


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