Before the Forest, After the Forest

I need to hop away

Live on the lily for a bit

Let the sound of the plants fill me

In my silence there is violence


I need to imbibe this plant

To dull the pain of being awake

I need to sit and Exhale

Let my life go.


Visions of claret

Filled my eyes

Heart stops

Lungs squeeze


Isolate myself in the bag

I’ve been snagged

By underestimation

By low self esteem


Each step I take

Makes me do the splits

My back foot

refuses to shift


Trapped in my self

Trapped in my past

Trapped in my work

Trapped in my house


I’ve shelved myself

I’ve packed myself away

Labelled myself as fragile

and thrown myself in the attic


Even though I’ve been with you a thousand times

Seen your veins caress the landscape

Seen you overcome and claim your boundaries

I will still come to you


I feel symbiotic with you

and it’s a blessing

To feel wanted

and not want for a thing


Your chloryphyl embrace

Excites my dopamine

Induces a serotonin spill

But I am one of many lovers


Your openess dones not make you a whore

Nor does your transience make you a chore

Your open heart and open mind

Have become increasingly hard to find


Yet, you are hemmed in

By tarmac and greed

Strictured by my bretheren

My gluttonous breed


They want more of you, than you can give

They want all of it

Nothing left for you to give

But all of it


We’re officially in the anthropocene era

the cost of our effect is getting rapidly dearer

What we give out

We will get back




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