I’m burning out

I’m running out

of fuel

of fire

of that which keeps the tyre


that which keeps me


I get a gold in self pity

silver in feeling shitty

and bronze in fuck this

then disqualified for taking the piss

i’m trying not to shut you out

but this drama here it packs some clout

my mind begins to scream and shout

here is my handle here is my spout

I reach the boil

I sweat and toil

to keep it in

to keep my skin

from tearing off

and fucking off

followed by my meat

seperated from head to feet

then my bones go away

never to return another day

and my soul sits here and takes the brunt

because life is a massive, evil cunt

and I get that you’re feeling hurt,

and I get that you’re feeling curt

I get that this distance

makes it hard to breathe

But I’m sorry honey,

I’m not the one who had to leave

If I wasn’t giving you enough of me

when you were still right here

How do you expect me to be able to give more

when you’re not even near?


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