There was the word

I have always loved words.

Even if they can be used,

to spook the herds


Of brainless, feckless, fearful tits,

who hear ‘immigrant’,

and get the shits


Words are simple tools,

that become lethal weapons,

when used by fools


They become smitten,

and misuse words.

Like a hammer on a kitten


Cos it’s easier than building a shed,

to use a construction tool,

to make a baby cat dead.


I know, I know that’s pretty dark,

but so is a paper,

that will always hark,


To a previous time that doesn’t exist.

A white bread, sexist, racist,

slice of Hovis


An alabaster dream.

That’s tied together,

With lies at the seams


Words are how we put our minds in the world.

We chew on the scenery,

and shit out word turds.


An ugly facsimilie of existence.

We burp out our thoughts,

with annoying persistence


We say “Words fail me”,

Which is a lie, honestly.

We fail words, consistently


We don’t say what we mean,

We don’t mean what we say.

When people don’t like something,

they say ‘That’s fucking gay’


Because our meanings are provided by others.

Because our meanings are obscured,

egotisitcally smothered.


By mean people who use them like knives.

Not to carve up their food,

but to take innocent lives


“All Lives Matter” they say

“She asked for it” they say

“Islam is an inherently violent religion” they say


These words hurt.

These words wound.

These words take lives.

All too soon.


Sticks and Stones,

Do Break Bones


But words kill.

In a world that uses words,

to make people ill


To make people different

To make people bad


To make people ‘other’

We’ve strayed so far

from learning how to say ‘mama’


But what can you do?

You can’t take them away

You can’t police

What people want to say


You can’t tell people

“You can’t say that”

“It’s my freedom of speech,

you PC twat!”


So we few, plucky, persitstent poets

Who use language, reap it and sow it.

Have to use our words to counteract

The vicious bastardisation of the linguistic act


To speak our truths

To highlight lies

To drag us from the mire

To the heady, wordy highs


Elevate the common parlance

Inflect our words with some romance


Not for the white cliffs of Dover

or St. Paul Cathedral

But for ordinary, peaceful,

(& most importantly) HUMAN people.




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