The night

As the dark raven flies over the plains
as it’s tail brings darkness and the blackness reigns
hold me close and hold me tight
this isn’t day, this the night
and in the dark there’s much to fright

Ghouls and demons play away
and mock how we cling to the day
while we slumber and while dream
the imps and devils begin to scheme
and in the night there rings a scream

But come daytime, there’ll be no more to fear
as shade leaves and the day draws near
So rest easy, calm yourself down
as rescue and salvation can be found
as the kind sun rises from the ground

But keep in mind what i tell you tonight
because if you don’t you’ll be in for a sight
While you may not see and you may not hear
the other world is neither there or here
so remember sometimes it’s healthy to fear


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