The little boy who couldn’t recieve love

There once was a little boy
who mas manufactured much like a toy
His body was hard like wood
but he had a bright face like any boy should

His makers tried hard to make him well
and their pridein him made their chests swell
But there was a flaw a missing part
something was wrong with the little boy’s heart

It worked well just just like any other child
it beamed and glowed when the boy smiled
It fluttered at the sight of sunrise or a cooing dove
but no matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t recieve love

The boy grew up not knowing and searching all around
for someone to make his heart beat play the love sound
But no girl was ever able to start the love engine
and he left hearts broken, breaking or bending

Finally the boys heart shattered and rang out a dull tone
and he grew grey unloving, unloved and alone
But still his body ticked and tocked
while he would see young lovers point and mock

Then one day the rusting clockwork stopped
when they found him no one was shocked
His body had decided enough was enough
for the little boy who couldn’t receive love


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