All locked up keep it inside
try to maintain on the outside
Can’t talk to your face, look you in the eyes
I’m hidden beneath an uncaring disguise

all tensed up and hard to breathe
my hands get wet, my chest heaves
i grab my things and walk out the door
I can’t be in here anymore

I hide behind the door
at the top of the stairs, can’t see me no more
my feet lightly touch the floor
as I look to see who’s at the door

don’t recognise the face
he looks pretty mean
but I know in the back of my head
he’s just a normal human bein’

Realising i’ve pushed everyone away
I don’t want them to stay
but then when it’s to late I say
I’ll be your friend if I may

Never a friend, always a colleague
Never a friend, never the same league
I can no longer believe
you can no longer believe

I lock myself away in my room
tuck myself in bed, new womb
I tend to myself and groom
If I don’t snap out, this’ll be my tomb

got to face facts
got to face fears
cos if I don’t
I’ll never get out of here

this room is me
this room’s my mind
i’ve been in here too long
i have to find
my peace of mind


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