Call me the Shamanic Showman

Call me the Summertime Snowman

Call me Jimmy, The Boiled Frog

Ribbiting away, embroiled in the smog


The mysteries of magick

Lemme spell it out

Words and beliefs are powerful

They hold a lot of clout


Sure, sticks and stones

Will always break bones

But words can pierce and wound

Their weight can leave you entombed


In an echo chamber

Of internalised hate

Miniture martyr mouth movements

Can seal your fate


So, create a new church

and fill it with people

Who aren’t trying their hardest

to burn down the steeple


Baptise your self

in your own mindfire

Purge yourself

of destructive desire


Open your hearts

Open your mind

Look for something

To remind


That you DO have worth

That you DO belong on this earth


That the only person

you have to serve



That much, you DO deserve



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